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Apply for the Pageant
The total entry fee is $650. *Special Limited Time Offer until January 15, 2016! Final Deadline for Entry: June 30, 2015.
Payment may be made by PayPal or Interac E-transfer to: contact@canadasperfectpageant.com
Canada's Perfect Pageants Headquarters
Toronto, Ontario
Email: contact@canadasperfectpageant.com
Westin Bristol Place - 950 Dixon Road - Toronto, Ontario Canada
Toronto, Ontario Canada
For Reservations Call: 866-837-5184
Special Room Rate: TBD - Offered to all Canada's Perfect Pageant Delegates, Family and Friends
To receive this special rate, please be sure to mention that you are part of Canada’s Perfect Pageant when making your
reservation.... .
The deadline to receive this special rate is: !
I hereby apply as an entrant in the Canada's Perfect Pageants. Canada's Official National Pageant and Official Preliminary to
the International Finals of World's Perfect/America’s Perfect Jr. Teen ®, Teen®, Miss®, and Woman® Beauty Pageant.
Applicant's Name:
Parent or Guardian's Name & Permission: (if applicant is under 18)
* All entrants must be a Canadian Citizen or Canadian Resident, and a naturally born genetic female.
* Entry Fee is Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.
Ages 8-12 years : PreTeen (Must be 8 by August 1, 2017, and not 13 before August 15, 2017) mmmmmm
Ages 13-15 years : Junior Teen (Must be 13 by August 1, 2017, and not 16 before August 15, 2017) mmmmmm
Ages 16-19 years : Teen (Must be 16 by August 1, 2017, and not 20 before August 15, 2017)
Ages 20-29 years : Miss (Must be 20 by August 1, 2017, and not 30 before August 15, 2017)
Ages 30 years and beyond : Woman mm (Must be 30 by August 1, 2017)
  (Each contestant competes in the age division she would be for the International
  Perfect Pageant the following year.)
  (ie. 7 year olds may compete in PreTeen if they turn 8 before the International
  Pageant in August 2017. And 15 year olds should compete in Teen if they turn
16 before the International Pageant in August 2017).
To APPLY for Canada's Perfect 2017 PreTeen, Jr. Teen, Teen, Miss, or Woman..
(National Pageant August 2016 in Toronto)
- Fashion Competition -

The total entry fee is $650.
***Special Limited Time Offer of $500 until January 15, 2016.

A minimum deposit of $250 is all that is needed to reserve your spot in the Canada's Perfect National Pageant and to
guarantee that Special Offer. The remainder of the entry fee is due before the Final Deadline of June 30, 2016.
Don't miss out!
Once it has been received by the Canada's Perfect Headoffice we will send you the Official Canada's Perfect
Delegates Handbook

Email us TODAY at contact@canadasperfectpageant.com to receive your
Official Canada's Perfect Pageant Application Form.

Final Deadline for Entry is June 30, 2016.