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Canada's Perfect Pageant's 2013 Queens: Farewell Speeches


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Canada's Perfect
Jr. Teen

Judy Thakoordeen

Canada's Perfect Pageant was my first pageant that I have ever entered. During thetime I have learned so much and had so much fun doing it. This pageant will always be the most memorable thing to me. From the pj and pizza party to walking the runway was a great experience. It had been so great for me only because ofthe pageant family I love them so much. Always remember to keep calm and pageant on.

Canada's Perfect

Sabrina Dament

In August 2012 I was crowned Canada's Perfect 2013 Teen. The crowning has led me to meet so many amazing people who I will never forget along my journey to and during World's Perfect Pageant. This year was full of many opportunities that I would have never come by if it wasn't for Canada's Perfect. I am so grateful that I was chosen to represent Canada because it has given me more stage experience and confidenceto help me in my future modelling career. Canada's Perfect Pageant is the best pageant I've ever been a part of. I love that there is so much more fashion and expression of personal style and rock the runway in what I love. Most of all, Canada's Perfect Pageant for me, is better than any other pageant because of tehrelationships that I have formed with my ageant sisters and mom. Just like any family, us sisters lways stick up and support each other at all times. Whether I have food in my teeth, or a wardrobe malfunction. I can always count on my sisters to tell me. A role of a mother is to support and guide us, and that's just what our pageant mom does. She helps us "perfect" our stage skills with her constructive criticism and fresh ideas. Just like all mothers. They're always right and what the tell "Will" make us better. Jacenta, it was you who helped me make top 20 at internationals 2013 and I am so grateful to have had your help getting there. To my 2013 sisters, Malti, Alicia, Jodi, and Judy, I am so blessed to have been crowned next to ladies as amazing and caring as you. To my successor, I know that it feels like your journey has come to an end but it really is just beginning. This time next year you will be on the international stage competing as Canada's Perfect Teen. This is one ofteh most amazing experiences ever and I'm glad thatyou get to live it! Congratulations!! I am and always will be your 2013 Canada's Perfect Teen.

Canada's Perfect

Alicia Angus

"Always be you own kind Beautiful." Thsi is a quote that I live by every signle day of my life, and a year ago today I believed in that quote and had the honour and privilege to be crowned 'Canada's Perfect Miss 2013'.

This past year has been nothing short of amazing! I had the chance to help out with so many local fundraiser events, meet some amazing people as well as doing a memorable photo shoot withthe amazing Korby Banner.

The most memorable moment would have been traveling to Orlando, FL. And competing at World's Perfect Pageant, two weeks ago. I had so much fun becoming a close knit family with all my Canadian & North American sister queens, while also meeting some amazing women from all overthe world.

I want to thank my mom & dad so much for everything this past year. I love you both. I know we drive each other insane sometimes but without you both I would not be the woman I am today!

Most importantly I want to thank my second mother, Jacenta for always believing in me to be my very best. With all this love and support I was able to achieve my goal of top 15 and also achieve my goal by making top 5 and becomeing 3rd runner up at World's Perfect Pageant.

I have grown so much duringthsi year as an individual and as a pageant queen.

I wish my successor all the luckinthe worl and to please carry this title with pride.

It is not aboutthe beauty thatthe sash and crown bring you, but it is about the natural inner beauty that makes a queen PERFECT!

Canada's Perfect

Jodi Jahnke

Hard to believe it's been one whole year since I started my journey with Canada's Perfect. I feel so grateful to have had this wonderful experience and am so happy to have done it alongside my beautiful sister queens. Although modeling has never been my strongest pageant suit, I am happy to have grown to a place where I feel much more confident on stage, and am astounded to see how far I've come since my first introduction into pageants just over a year ago. If Canada's Perfect has anything, it's that with a little practoce, courage and determination, even I can make it look like I know how to walk a runway and I am excited to keep learning and growing as a person as I get ready forthe next big stage of my life - whatever that may be. (Fingers crossed for Broadway!)

To my beautiful director Jacenta - tank you for helping me become the fierce beauty battling girl I am today. I could not have done it without you!

Canada's Perfect
Cover Girl

Malti Saini

My year as Canada's Perfect Cover Girl has been amazing. I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity to be part ofteh Perfect Family. Being Canada's Perfect Cover Girl has given me a great stage like World's Perfect to showcase my persoanlity and to shine bright like a diamond. To all my sister queens, you ladies are amazing and each and every one of you has given me great memories that I willcherish for teh rest of my life. To my family and friends thank you all for believing in me and giving me all your love and support in making my dreams come true. Thank you Jacents for being such an amazing Director andCoach. You have been so supportive through this all and I know for a fact that if it wasn't for all your time and hard work that you put into me I wouldn'y have had the confidence to get up on such a big stage and do my thing. So thank you so much Jacenta for being there for me. You are truly an amazing person that I look up to you as my older sister. I feel totally blessed to have met someone so kind hearted as you. To all the beautiful ladies that are here today competing for the perfect crown I wish youa ll the best and get ready because you guys are about to have an amazing year. Love you all...

Your Canada's Perfect Cover Girl 2013.