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Crown Style - Liz Everett

From an early age glamour was Liz Everett's second language. Hair, makeup and style just seem to come naturally as a part of helping others achieve their beauty dreams. As a child Liz seemed to naturally develop a taste for beauty, elegance and fabulous personal presentation. She now has the opportunity to share both her skill and inspiration with the world.

Liz Everett is an
industry leading
professional hair/
makeup artist
and total image
consultant that
has created
winning looks
for clients across
the nation and in
the UK. From the
competition to
appearances, Liz
has helped
contestants across
the nation
competing on every
level of pageantry capture their crown with a competitive edge.

Working in both the entertainment industry and the realm of glamour lifestyle with pageantry/modeling, Liz has become a highly sought after image development specialist. The title 'total image stylist' means that Liz works to give you the keys to beautiful success with your hair, makeup, and personal styling..


Pageant Makeup & Hair Services, Image Consulting

Liz's clients have won titles in all of the major pageant systems, including:

Miss America
Miss USA/Universe
Galaxy International
International Junior Miss
High School and Collegiate America
Sunburst Internationals
America's Perfect Jr. Teen, Teen and Miss
American Coed, and many, many more

Whether you want to purchase a customized face palette, schedule a personalized one-on-one makeup / hair styling lesson, or want to contract with Liz for your next pageant be sure to contact us today!

352-457-5237 or CrownRevolution1@gmail.com

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